Bunten un Binnen

Plantenköök on TV

Plantenköök shown in regional television show

We’re on TV! “Buten un Binnen” Bremen’s regional television show visited us with the “Bremer Teller”. The took a look at Plantenköök and Sean cooked filled wild garlic pancakes with spinach and mushrooms.

The Bremer Teller is aired on Buten un Binnen every Saturday. The show accompanies people who cook. They show very diverse kitchen insights. You will not only find restaurants, but alsoNGOs, well-known personalities, bloggers and many other participants on the show.


Since the kitchen only became usable a few hours before filming, it was Sean’s first meal on the stove and with the new oven. Exciting and wonderful at the same time!

In the show you can already get a little insight into Plantenköök and there is also a report on Sean’s blog Daily Vegan. We are on the show starting from minute 19.

Of course, we also cook a regional dish on teh show. We are preparing hearty wild garlic pancakes with a homemade vegan sour cream, crunchy spinach and oven mushrooms. A fresh and tasty hello to spring time. And also a dish that you might find on our menu at a certain point!

The video is also available in the ARD/NDR media library. Only in German with no subtitles. Sorry about that.


And here only the Bremen plate, the part in which the Plantenköök is reported and cooked:


Many thanks to Buten un Binnen and the local TV crew for this great report! We were very happy and had a lot of fun.
And we were pretty excited in advance. Mainly because the kitchen hadn’t been usable until the evening before and we tried to put everything we needed in before we started shooting.
That’s why we couldn’t try anything beforehand or get used to it or even try cooking.

But fortunately everything worked out and the team from Bremer Teller was great too! And we were happy to feast with the TV crew after the shoot!

Picture copy rights: Stills from the show. Buten un Binnen / Radio Bremen