The beginning of Plantenköök

Or, why Bremen, I thought you are from Hamburg

In the next few weeks our Plantenköök is going to open in the “Forum Am Wall” in Bremen. We will announce the exact date as soon as we can confirm it with certainty. As long as there can still be structural delays, we would rather not risk you standing in front of closed doors in the worst case. And instead of indulging the aroma of our delicious food, you can only smell construction dust.

In this article you can find out how the restaurant came about and why we chose Bremen as a location.

First a little about the origins

Some of you may have heard through Daily Vegan that I (Sean Moxie) was planning to open my first own restaurant. I founf a business partner for that project, investor and business angel Allan Moelholm. We founded  the LiWeSi Gastro- und Lebensmittel GmbH at the end of last year. Above all, we philosophized a lot about our sustainable guidelines and philosophy. We have had many thoughts and plans about how we want to create jobs and how we can make a small contribution to a loving, meaningful and valuable way of life.

Since I have lived in Hamburg for the last few years, we initially looked for venues there. Since Allan lives near Munich and will not be involved in the operational business, it was particularly important that the location was easily accessible for me. Jamina also applied to us while we were looking for a location. Actually also for the restaurant management in Hamburg. But fortunately she is now coming to Bremen with me.

Awarded already before the opening

But, it’s not always happening as one would think. Rather by accident I found the application to WFB Bremen’s “Pop-up-Store Gastro” competition in winter. I handed my application in, but wasn’t really expecting to win. But indeed, after a few weeks, I got the message that I had won the competition for our sustainable gastronomy concept! This allows us to implement our concept for 2022 rent-free in downtown Bremen.

Here’s a big thank you to the WfB! Also for the warmth and commitment! Without you we wouldn’t have gotten that far, we wouldn’t have this wonderful location and we would have to shoulder much, much higher costs. For a young company like ours, the win is a real blessing, especially in times of Covid, when things are not looking too bright for many restaurateurs.

Of course, we are very flattered that our restaurant has already won an award before it even opened. And we are really looking forward to welcoming all of Bremen residents and visitors soon. For a little foretaste, you are welcome to have a look around here on the Plantenköök website.

We will add a new highlight to Bremen’s gastronomy scene

Together with my restaurant manager Jamina and our investor Allan Moelhom we will add a new highlight to Bremen’s gastronomy scene. And show how delicious sustainable and purely plant-based dishes can be. Our restaurant stands for unusual vegan cuisine with creative and sophisticated dishes. We have a clear focus on sustainability and regional and seasonal ingredients.

All dishes will be entirely homemade. In addition, there will be homemade vegan cheese and meat alternatives at our small deli counter, as well as other products to take home. I develope many well-known dishes myself, just in a vegan version. So noone needs to miss anything. Such as authentic white and blue mold cheese, other types of cheese, but also meat substitutes such as smoked ham, Kasseler or fish alternatives.

We are there for everyone who is curious and open-minded about culinary delights.

In our gastronomy concept, sustainability is considered and implemented on many levels: from the selection of produce and ingredients up to the economic viability of the idea. We stand for fair payment of employees, mostly in gastronomy minimum wages are quite common. And we also try to consider benificial aspects for our guests.

We want people from all walks of life to feel welcome. An ecological way of life is often a luxury that not everyone can afford. Therefore, we offer a daily special that is sold for a donation. This dish has a very low minimum price. And depending on their self-assessment, customers can pay as much as they think is appropriate for their income. I have already successfully implemented the principle at various events and am now bringing it to Bremen.

“It is very good that we will have a new restaurant business that offers a dish every day that is affordable for all income groups,” says Kristina Vogt, Senator for Economics, Labor and Europe, on whose behalf the WFB organized the competition as part of the Future Fund City Center is implemented. “And last but not least, this new offer will add another attraction to the culinary diversity of the city center.”

“Sean Moxie’s concept more than meets the criteria set at all levels”

“In the competitions we have already held as part of the downtown action program, there was always a demand for new gastronomic ideas. We have now been able to do justice to this with this space,” reports Andreas Heyer, CEO of Bremen Economic Development. “We received 30 applications for the competition and the jury did not take the decision lightly. Sean Moxie’s concept more than meets the criteria at all levels – a real win for everyone involved.”